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The founding team

The SANUSPLANET Foundation was established in September 2021 with the aim of supporting organizations worldwide that are committed to protecting the oceans, nature, animals and people in need.

The team is made up of Fabian Baikhardt, marine conservationist and animal rights activist Magdalena Gschnitzer, Verena Rieder and Ewald Rieder. We are convinced that together with you we can create a lasting positive change in this world.

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The counter shows how many donations have been collected by SANUSPLANET so far. Some of these donations have been used already to support amazing projects. New organizations are constantly being supported with the money from the donation pool.

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8 Days
For People
ODV Teranga
Medical facilities, food distribution and education

ODV TERANGA is a voluntary association with its main activity in Senegal. The focus is to support children, especially street children, women and families. To this end, the association organizes food distribution, support for medical facilities and help for leisure and sports facilities in and around Dakar. Various sports clubs from South Tyrol (e.g. the SG-Schlern football club) also support the club as partners. The aim of the association is based on the principle of helping people help themselves. President Aissatou Marie Jeanne was born in Dakar. She speaks French and Wolof, one of the most widely spoken languages, and knows the country's culture very well and is therefore also aware of the challenges faced by the population. The health of children, as well as learning to write and read, are matters of the heart that ODV TERANGA takes on.

For Animals
Indraloka Animal Sanctuary
Peaceful and protected home for people and animals

Indraloka (“heaven for the gods” in Sanskrit) provides a peaceful sanctuary for people and animals, the opportunity to heal, learn, grow and play as we reconnect with nature, rescued farm animals and ourselves. Indraloka empowers and educates the community to build resilience, spread kindness, create hope, inspire curiosity and show compassion. A place where people and animals forge a bond of understanding and the landscape becomes a canvas on which narratives of trauma are rewritten into stories of healing. Indraloka was founded in 2005 by Indra Lahiri and moved from its original location to a nearly 100-acre site in Dalton, Pennsylvania in the spring of 2020. Indraloka rescues the world's most endangered animals - farm animals that are abused, neglected or hoarded - and provides them with lifelong care.

For the Ocean
Ghost Diving Germany e.V.
Protect oceans and wildlife from lost fishing equipment

An estimated 640,000 tonnes of fishing equipment is lost in the world's oceans every year, most of it fishing nets. In the Baltic Sea alone, around 10,000 nets are lost every year, putting a strain on the sensitive ecosystem. Ghost Diving Germany e.V. recovers these lost fishing nets, fish traps, lobster pots and other fishing gear, primarily in the North and Baltic Seas but also in the Mediterranean, as part of large-scale international projects. In this way, the association is reducing the future burden of microplastics on the marine ecosystem when the nets have decomposed in many hundreds of years. They also prevent fish and other animals from getting tangled in the nets underwater and dying senselessly there. GDG consists of many dedicated volunteer tech divers who dive for and recover the nets free of charge in their free time. At the same time, there are educational projects in schools, at trade fairs and events to draw attention to these problems.

For Nature
Verein Living Earth
A platform for pioneers creating the new world together

The solution-oriented networking portal LIVING EARTH is based on the “Manifest der Neuen Erde”, a holistic vision of an earth where all life is valued, nature is regenerated and people live in harmony with natural laws and natural cycles. This is where people come together to work together on this future. The interactive map helps pioneers network and exchange messages. The pioneers also have the opportunity to present their sustainable projects and events and find participants. Every month, LIVING EARTH is dedicated to a specific topic that inspires people to implement practical tips in everyday life. Community calls, master classes, academy courses and events on the topics of awareness, renaturation, sustainability, healing and potential development inspire change. At LIVING EARTH, an extensive archive will also be created with effective, practical solutions for all areas of life in order to shape the New Living Earth!

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"What we love we protect! 
It's time we fell in love with this world again."
"What we love we protect!
       It's time to fall in love with this world again."

Magdalena Gschnitzer
Coordinator of SANUSPLANET

Anyone can change the world - conservationist and animal rights activist Magdalena Gschnitzer explains why this is necessary and what it could look like.



In addition to exciting, dramatic, funny and emotional stories from the founders of organizations, the SANUSPLANET podcast also features interviews with well-known personalities and great activists who are committed to protecting the world.

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